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Make transactions and other services easily and on-the-go! on-the-go!

Only One Platform

Making transactions and other services are now easier

Only on one platform

Make loan repayment and savings transactions in Simpan SSPN and many other services on one platform

Time-saver & less cost

No need to queue at the counter, now everything is at your fingertips


User-friendly interface suitable for all ages

Borderless transactions

Application that supports various transactions

Easier, faster & safer

Every personal informations are protected by PTPTN and complete with eKYC online registration

Time-saver & less cost

No need to queue at the counter, now everything is at your fingertips

Borderless transactions

Application that supports various transactions

Interesting Features

Various matters can be done just at your fingertips.

Account opening and Additional Savings at Simpan SSPN

Make an account opening and additional savings on one platform

Salary Deduction Application

Transactions are much easier and no more missed payments

Education Loan Repayment

Education loan repayment is much easier

Direct Debit Deduction Application

Save your time by using direct debit deduction through your preferred bank

Registration Requirements

Basic registration requirements for myPTPTN app

Malaysia Citizen

Age 18 and above

Has an Identification Card (NRIC)

Has a correct and valid phone number and email address

Easy Registration Steps

myPTPTN app easy registration steps

Download myPTPTN app

Fill in your personal information and activate via email

Log in on your phone to make identity verification

myPTPTN App Features

The display available is more user-friendly

myPTPTN App How-To-Use Steps Video

Watch the video to know how to use the app better

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

myPTPTN is a mobile app that offers PTPTN services online such as reviewing loan statement, repaying loan, reviewing Simpan SSPN statement, account opening and make additional deposits in Simpan SSPN, as well as application for salary deduction and Direct Debit for loan repayment and Simpan SSPN.

The myPTPTN app is equipped with ekYC (Electronic Know Your Customer)a process for verifying and maintaining customer identity records authorized by Malaysian National Bank (BNM) as one of the key security for digital transactions. Customers are advised to register and verify identity via their Identification Card and a photo taken during the verification process. Customers cannot check their statements or make transfers if they have not completed the eKYC identity verification.

The myPTPTN app can be used starting from 29 Mac 2022.

Users must be Malaysian Citizens aged 18 (and above) and have a valid phone number and email address for registration verification purposes.

No, registration can only be made using Identification Card Number (MyKad).

There are 2 methods to access the myPTPTN app.

First: Download to device; and

The mobile device must have the Operation System of iOS 11.0 and above or Android 5.0 version and above. Please go to digital distribution channels, such as App Store, Play Store and Huawei AppGallery to download myPTPTN app on your mobile device by following these steps:

  1. Type “myPTPTN” in the search field;
  2. Press the “myPTPTN” icon; and
  3. Click the “Install” button to download;

Second: myPTPTPN (https://myptptn.ptptn.gov.my)

myPTPTN can be accessed on every web browser available, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. The best way to access the website is on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


There are three (3) steps to register myPTPTN, which is:

Open the myPTPTN app and click ‘Register Now’

i. Enter your full name as stated in Identification Card and your identification card number
ii. Fill in your email information, phone number and mailing address
iii. Set your password and define your safety phrase/icon, as well as sign the checkboxes for consent information verification and disclaimer.
iv. Get the TAC from your phone number and activate your myPTPTN registration via the email sent to your email.

Complete the eKYC identity verification process by providing your identification card and selfie.

eKYC is the process of electronically identifying one’s identity on a mobile application that needs to be done before any transactions are made to ensure that the digital transactions being carried out are secure.

To ensure the ekYC verification is successful, users need to make sure the following matters:
  1. Using the original identification card. Photocopy/digital laminated with plastic is not accepted.
  2. Granting access to the camera to obtain the necessary media for the purpose of verifying the account.
  3. Ensuring that the identification card is in focus (not out of frame and within the frame properly) so that all the information on the identification card is clear.
  4. Ensuring that the identification card is not obstructed by glare or your fingers.
  5. Ensuring that your face is within an active area and in a well-lit environment when capturing a selfie.

If there’s a user who did not complete the eKYC, the user will be considered as a guest and the access to the services will be limited. The following are the differences in service access between guests and customers.

(without eKYC)
(with eKYC)
2.Third Parties Repayment
3.Loan Statement/Simpan SSPN account reviewX
4.Opening of Simpan SSPN Prime AccountX
5.Opening of Simpan SSPN Plus AccountX
6.Auto Debit ApplicationX
7.Direct Debit ApplicationX
8.Salary Deduction ApplicationX
9.Verification of Loan Balance ApplicationX
10.Application for Debt Settlement LetterX
11.Adding Self Deposit
12.Adding Third Party Deposit
13.Adding favorite account
14.Savings transferX
15.Excess Payment TransferX
16.PTPTN Branch Review/Check
17.Managing Profile

eKYC application is only allowed for up to 5 times. Users must contact the PTPTN Careline for assistance in reactivating eKYC security verification or visit the PTPTN counter.

Users need to change/replace damaged or lost identification cards before starting ekYC.

TAC is a unique 6 digit code sent to your registered phone number during the registration via a short message service (SMS). It is the security feature used by PTPTN to protect users’ accounts from unauthorized access. To complete the transactions, users will receive a TAC from PTPTN that will verify users as authorized users to make transactions.

Yes, provided that the phone number used is the same number registered in the myPTPTN application and not a foreign phone number.

The user needs to change the password in the "Help - Forgot Password" menu.

The user’s account will be blocked. The user needs to change the password in the “Profile - Change Password” menu.

No. The new password must be different from the previous 5 passwords.

Users are not allowed to use the same security phrase as the ID and password.


A security icon and phrase is an image and word chosen by the user for security purposes upon log in to the myPTPTN website/application.

The services provided are as follows:

  1. Loan repayment and Simpan SSPN deposit top-up transactions
    Users can make deposits or repayments for their own accounts as well as for third-party accounts.

  2. Opening of Simpan SSPN account
    Users can open Simpan SSPN accounts for themselves and their children.

  3. Statement Review
    Users can check, print, and save downloaded loan and Simpan SSPN statements.

  4. Transfer of Simpan SSPN Savings
    Users can transfer Simpan SSPN savings to their own loan accounts and other savings accounts.

  5. Transfer of excess loan repayments
    Users can transfer excess loan repayments to their own loan accounts and Simpan SSPN savings accounts.

  6. Application for loan repayment/deposit through Direct Debit, Salary Deduction, and Auto Debit
    Users can apply for Direct Debit/Salary Deduction/Auto Debit for monthly loan repayments and Simpan SSPN deposits and update employer information.

  7. Verification of Loan Balance Application

    Users can apply for loan balance confirmation for debt settlement purposes.

  8. Printing of Debt Settlement Letter (SPH)
    Users can print Debt Settlement Letters.

  9. Updating user profile
    Information that can be updated includes:
    1. Phone Number
    2. Email Address
    3. Mailing Address
    4. Login Phrase

  10. Push Notification

    Information / notifications can be quickly delivered to users through push notifications in the inbox within myPTPTN. These include notifications of the Loan Preliminary Fund (WPP) offer, loan approval notifications, and notifications of the loan disbursement date. This facility is very useful for students who are always waiting for good news from PTPTN regarding their loans.

  11. Favorite Account
    Users can maintain a favorite account to facilitate transactions, whether for loan repayments or future SSPN savings.

Payment records can only be viewed for the current year and will not be displayed for future years. However, if there are transactions in the statement that involve adjustments and others, the statement will be displayed again.

Personal information can be updated for the following items:

  1. Phone Number;
  2. Email Address;
  3. Mailing Address;
  4. Login Phrase; and
  5. Favorite Account

No, a single email can only be registered for one valid identification number.

A user can change their email address for account activation in the "Help - Send/Change Account Activation Email" menu.

A user needs to update their new phone number in the "Profile - Update Phone Number Information" menu.

There is no limit to updating personal information.

Yes, the myPTPTN application is equipped with various security features:

  • Access to myPTPTN is protected by secure procedures, using a security image to ensure that the application is connected to the official myPTPTN website.
  • Only one (1) login session is allowed for each myPTPTN access. If there is a second access on another device, the current session will be terminated.
  • Sensitive account information will not be saved on mobile phones.

PTPTN will always update security controls according to current practices and technology.

If your mobile phone is stolen, no one can access the application without your user ID and password. However, for security reasons, do not store personal account information or passwords in your mobile phone. Additionally, you should consider contacting your telecommunications company's customer service to temporarily freeze your phone number.

No, there is no automatic deactivation period for myPTPTN web/application accounts.

Tax statements can be downloaded on the myPTPTN web/application.

PTPTN loan applications can be made on the official PTPTN portal www.ptptn.gov.my )