Job Search Programme


The job search programme is part of PTPTN 'corporate social responsibility' (CSR) initiatives. The programme aims to assist PTPTN borrowers in finding job opportunities offered by PTPTN's strategic partners through a matching system provided. Through this programme, it is hoped that borrowers can obtain jobs and subsequently fulfill their responsibility to repay their PTPTN education loans for the sustainability of education funds for future generations. PTPTN's strategic partners also benefit from this program as they no longer need to spend advertising costs to find employees, and can easily select employees based on the criteria needed using information provided by PTPTN.


Job Search Programme
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Kerjaya Perwarisan Syariah Programme

Kerjaya Perwarisan Syariah Programme, organized by Wasiyyah Shoppe Berhad (WSB), is a program that offers freelance job opportunities in the field of Syariah-based inheritance and wealth planning in Malaysia. Interested participants will be trained intensively and comprehensively in Syariah-related inheritance knowledge and entrepreneurship to promote and disseminate knowledge of Fiqh Mawarith to the Malaysian community. Participants will generate supplementary income through commissions paid on successful transactions.

KPT CAP Entrepreneurship Generation Program

Entrepreneurship Program : Professional Certificate in Digital Business Development This is a collaboration program between PTPTN and UTMSpace, spearheaded by Digital Way Academy Sdn Bhd. It falls under the KPT-CAP Entrepreneurship Generation Program, which aims to train PTPTN borrowers to become digital entrepreneurs for selling redONE products. Participants of the program will receive training and guidance.

GEMS Programme

The Graduate Executive Marketer for Simpan SSPN Plus programme, also known as the GEMS programme, is under the PENJANA KPT-CAP Programme and aims to train PTPTN borrowers in entrepreneurship and digital marketing, while also generating income. Through this program, PTPTN collaborates with Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), where program participants will receive monthly allowances and commissions for sales by marketing and promoting Simpan SSPN Plus products.

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