Things You Must Know About PTPTN Loan Repayment

PTPTN loan repayment is a crucial obligation for all borrowers. As a borrower, you must be aware of the terms and conditions of your loan, including the repayment schedule. Therefore, we will share some vital details that you need to know about PTPTN loan repayment.

Imej 1 : Perkara yang wajib anda tahu tentang bayaran balik pinjaman PTPTN

1. Repay the loan after 12 months from the end of the loan reimbursement period WITHOUT waiting for the Repayment Notice

Borrowers can make repayments after the end of the loan disbursement period. For example, if the borrower completes the loan in November 2023, they can start making repayments in the following 12 months, which is in December 2024.

2. Make early payments

Borrowers are encouraged to make early repayments within 12 months (prior to the generated Repayment Schedule) as there will be no administration fee of 1%, known as Ujrah, imposed on borrowers.

3. Service fees (Ujrah)

Borrowers will be charged a monthly administration fee starting from the 13th month. The charges will be stated in the loan statement.

4. Loan repayment period

PTPTN loan repayment is based on the total loan balance received. For instance, if you borrow RM10,000, the remaining balance (including Ujrah and takaful) will be needed to repay over the specified period in the loan agreement. So, there are no hidden costs.

5. PTPTN loan repayment channels

Borrowers can repay their PTPTN loans through the following channels :

For further reference, please click here,

6. Check the loan statement on myPTPTN app

Borrowers can check their loan statement through the myPTPTN app by following these simple steps :
Log in to the myPTPTN app

  1. Click “Review Statement”
  2. Click “Loan Statement”
  3. Select “Loan Annual Statement”
  4. Download the loan statement

7. Effect of refund arrears

If a borrower fails to make repayments on time, there is a high probability that they will fall into arrears on their PTPTN loan. It can ruin their credit record, which negatively impacts their ability to obtain loans or credit services.

Manage your PTPTN education loan repayment to guarantee future generations’ sustainability

As a borrower, you have to understand all the requirements for repaying the education loan. In addition, you also have to make repayments on time to avoid negative impacts on your credit record.

Once the borrower’s Repayment Schedule (JBB) has been generated, there is no “later” in loan repayment. Therefore, it is recommended that all PTPTN borrowers comply with JBB. If you encounter any difficulties :