School Holiday Art Program

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) in collaboration with Antz World Bhd has organized School Holiday Art Program (Program Seni Cuti Sekolah) for children in Malaysia, especially the children of PTPTN in conjunction with the upcoming school holiday starting on 10 December.

This program is an art learning program that will be shown on PTPTN’s Facebook Page and Instagram for 12 episodes in conjunction with the school holiday season from 10 December to 31 December, according the following schedule:

EpisodeDate of Show
Episod 1 – Mind Map (Part 1)10 December 2021 (Friday)
Episod 2 – Mind Map (Part 2)11 December 2021 (Saturday)
Episod 3 – Shape Challenges (Part 1)12 December 2021 (Sunday)
Episode 4 – Shape Challenges (Part 2)17 December 2021 (Friday)
Episode 5 – Paper Sculptures (Part 1)18 December 2021 (Saturday)
Episode 6 – Paper Sculptures (Part 2)19 December 2021 (Sunday)
Episode 7 – Zentangle Art (Part 1)23 December 2021 (Thursday)
Episode 8 – Zentangle Art (Part 2)24 December 2021 (Friday)
Episode 9 – Drawing & Painting (Part 1)25 December 2021 (Saturday)
Episode 10 – Drawing & Painting (Part 2)26 December 2021 (Sunday)
Episode 11 – Collage (Part 1)30 December 2021 (Thursday)
Episode 12 – Collage (Part 2)31 December 2021 (Friday)

Through this program, children also have a chance to win cash prizes of RM5,500 along with a participation certificate by participating in an art contest that will be held after the screening period. The offered prizes are as follows:

WinnersCash Reward
1st PlaceRM250 x1
2nd PlaceRM150 X1
3rd PlaceRM100 X1
ConsolationRM50 X100

In addition to playing the role of inculcating savings and encouraging loan repayment, PTPTN is also always proactive in carrying out corporate social responsibility in improving the quality of national education by organizing programs of this kind. PTPTN hopes that this program will not only enhance the minds of the children to think critically and creatively, but also increase their communication skills as well as build character that makes them want to try something new.