Gong Xi Ang Pow 2022 Campaign

In celebration of Chinese New Year which will be celebrated on this 1 February 2022, PTPTN will organize a Gong Xi Ang Pow 2022 Campaign with ‘Gong Xi Simpan, Kongsi Ong! Hari-Hari Mesti Mau Simpan!’ which is synonymous with the Gong Xi Fa Cai that means May Happiness and Wealth Be With you. This theme is chosen to fuel the excitement of Chinese New Year so that love can be felt across races in Malaysia.

‘Gong Xi Ang Pow 2022’ Campaign is organized at State Level for this time and offers a total of RM100,000.00 awaits the winner. It is open for all depositors of Simpan SSPN Prime and Simpan SSPN Plus. The campaign period is in a month, from 15 January 2022 until 15 February 2022.

Every state is offering various amazing prizes for eight (8) winners, such as:

Prizes Number of Prizes
First: 4K 50” Smart TV 1 Recipient X 14 states
Second: High Pressure Cooker 1 Recipient X 14 states
Third: Folding Bike 1 Recipient X 14 states
Consolation: Ang Pow worth RM388 5 Winners X 14 States

To participate in this campaign, depositors only have to make net savings as low as RM50.00 within the campaign period and will be qualified for one (1) draws automatically. Simpan SSPN depositors who participate in this campaign will not only have the chance to enjoy lucrative prizes, but also get to enjoy various Simpan SSPN benefits. Such benefits offered for Simpan SSPN depositors are competitive dividend, takaful protection and income tax assessment relief up to RM8,000 a year.

The organization of this campaign is an appreciation token from PTPTN to all depositors who always choose Simpan SSPN as their main savings in the festive season. PTPTN hopes that this campaign can attract people’s interest to continuously do savings with us, as well as liven up the Chinese New Year and strengthen the bond within harmonious society in line with the ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ concept.

For terms and conditions, CLICK HERE.