Click, Pay & Earn 2022 Campaign

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) is continuously seeking initiatives to implement campaigns that benefit the Malaysian community, especially PTPTN customers. Therefore, in 2022, PTPTN established a strategic partnership with Shopee, BESTPay, and SpayGlobal (SarawakPay) by implementing the Click, Pay & Earn 2022 Campaign.

This campaign was introduced to encourage and facilitate PTPTN’s borrowers making loan repayments online through repayment channels provided by strategic partners participating in this campaign. Additionally, it is also one of the efforts from PTPTN’s side to appreciate PTPTN’s borrowers who are committed to repaying their education loans despite the challenging economic situation.

Click, Pay & Earn 2022 Campaign is open for every PTPTN borrower who repays loans using applications such as ShopeePay, BESTPay, and SpayGlobal (SarawakPay) within the campaign period, which starts on 8 February 2022 until 30 April 2022. PTPTN’s borrowers only need to make repayment with minimum value by the channel during the campaign period to be qualified for the reward offered.

Through this campaign, customers that make loan repayments within the campaign period have the opportunity to receive the following rewards:

Channels Amount Prize-Winning
ShopeePay Loan repayment minimum RM100 in one (1) transaction ShopeePay users are eligible for a discount voucher of RM5, subject to the first 30 users every day for loan repayment within the campaign period.
BESTPay Loan repayment minimum RM100 in one (1) transaction Five credit BP for the first 30 users that make loan repayment during BESTPay Happy Hour one-hour slot will happen randomly between 10.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. every day throughout the campaign period.
SPayGlobal (Sarawak Pay) Loan repayment minimum RM10 in one (1) transaction RM 2 voucher for the first 100 users every month for the loan repayment within the campaign period.

The collaboration between PTPTN and these strategic partners has been happening since 2021 to encourage PTPTN customers to use cashless transactions and facilitate PTPTN’s borrowers to make payments online. These collaborations also clearly show PTPTN’s commitment and determination to empower the digitalization agenda and to ensure borrowers of PTPTN get to make repayment easily, quickly, and safely online at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is still hitting the country.

Chief Executive of PTPTN, Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid, said, “PTPTN held these strategic collaborations with e-wallet partners to garner borrowers’ interest to make a loan repayment, and simultaneously, they also get the opportunities of rewards during the campaign period. It is also one of the efforts to normalize repayment methods through digital means among PTPTN customers.”

PTPTN hopes that implementing this campaign will facilitate PTPTN borrowers, indirectly encourage loan repayment, and improve PTPTN’s services to be more dynamic and excellent through digitalization, in line with the PTPTN Strategic Plan 2021-2025. Indeed, the loan repayment by the borrowers is significant for the sustainability of PTPTN loans for future generations.

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