Didik Zakat & Simpan SSPN Prime Scheme (Skim DZAS) Campaign

The National Higher Education Corporation Fund (PTPTN), in collaboration with Pusat Pungutan Zakat Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (PPZ-MAIWP), is organizing the Didik Zakat Scheme & Simpan SSPN Prime Campaign (DZAS Scheme).The campaign is aimed to encourage PPZ-MAIWP Zakat Payers and Simpan SSPN Prime account depositors to educate their children about the obligation to pay zakat while increasing awareness of saving for educational purposes.

The promotion period for the campaign starts on 1 September 2022 until 31 August 2023.

The incentives that will be given to participants who join the DZAS Scheme are as follows:

No. Incentives for the DZAS Scheme
1. Receiving PPZ-MAIWP Education Contribution worth RM100 per person every three years and will be directly deposited into the SSPN Prime Savings Account until the beneficiary reaches 18.
2. PPZ-MAIWP & PTPTN sponsor the opening registration of the Simpan SSPN Prime account for RM20.00 for any participant who has yet to open the savings account, subject to the first 3,000 participants. In addition, the participants who have opened the Simpan SSPN Prime account and paid Zakat Harta at PPZ-MAIWP during the campaign period are also eligible to receive RM20.00 sponsorship.
3. Receiving contributions from the Kafalah Muzakki Scheme (Death Fund) up to RM3,000.*
4. Depositors of Simpan SSPN Prime accounts are eligible for additional privileges from PTPTN.

*subject to the terms and conditions of the Kafalah Muzakki Scheme.

PTPTN hopes that the launch of the Didik Zakat & Simpan SSPN Prime Scheme (Skim DZAS) will be beneficial to both the Simpan SSPN Prime account depositors and PPZ-MAIWP Zakat Payers as a whole.

Participation Method, CLICK HERE.

Terms & Conditions, CLICK HERE.