The Repayment Procedure for PTPTN Loans Through the IIMMPACT Channel

As one of the initiatives by PTPTN to facilitate the process of repaying education loans, PTPTN provides various alternative repayment channels for borrowers.

Therefore, PTPTN, in collaboration with IIMMPACT, supports this effort by encouraging customers to transact through the IIMMPACT Web application.

Easy steps for making PTPTN loan repayments using the official IIMMPACT Web Report page are provided.

Step 1:

Log in to IIMMPACT official website.

Step 2:

Choose Digital Markeplace and choose Services.

Step 3:

Click on Loans, click Select and choose PTPTN.

Step 4:

Enter the borrower's identity card number and click Next.

Step 5 :

Select Repayment. Enter the amount to be paid and proceed with the payment by clicking Pay Now.

Step 6 :

A message will indicate that the transaction has been completed.

Step 7 :

In the Digital Marketplace select Reports.

Step 8 :

Click on Transactions.

Step 9 :

A borrower can filter the date according to the desired date. Then, in the Type section, you can check the Successful section to display successful transactions. Then, click on the search button.

Step 10 :

Successful transactions can be viewed. To view transaction details, please click on the View Receipt button.

Step 11 :

The Loan Repayment Receipt will be displayed. Borrowers can print or download the receipt.


Congratulations on successfully making the PTPTN loan repayment through the IIMMPACT channel. Your commitment as a borrower is highly meaningful for the continuity of higher education for future generations.

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