How to Repay PTPTN Loan Through EPF (Second Time) : Easier Without Thumbprint Verification

Utilizing the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) savings is a wise approach for PTPTN borrowers to make repayments towards their education loans. By utilizing a portion of their EPF savings, specifically in Account 2 of EPF, borrowers can not only settle their education loans but also contribute towards future generations.

In the previous article, we shared easy steps for repaying PTPTN loans through EPF, explaining the process for making withdrawals from EPF Account 2 for the first time. If you missed that information, you can read it here.

Good News!

EPF members can choose to withdraw savings from Account 2 to repay PTPTN education loans for themselves, their spouse (husband/ wife), children, and/ or parents.

Check Your Loan Balance

Before making an EPF withdrawal, let's check your loan balance through myPTPTN by following the steps below :

  1. Visit myPTPTN here
  2. Enter your Identity Card Number and Password to Login to myPTPTN
  3. Click “Review Statement”

Start repaying your loan now!

Paying back PTPTN loan is easier with a withdrawal from EPF Account II

Now Easier | How to Apply for Second and Subsequent Withdrawals

The application for withdrawals from EPF for the second time onwards is now easier as you no longer need to visit the EPF Branch Office for thumbprint verification. So, we'll share the steps for making second and subsequent EPF withdrawals as follows.

Step 1: Log in to i-Account KWSP

  • Enter User ID and click Login
  • Enter Password and click Continue

Step 2 : Withdrawal Application

  • Select WITHDRAWAL on the main menu
  • Click New Application
  • Select the Education withdrawal type and complete your education details
  • Click Next

Step 3: Complete Member Details and Eligible Amount

  • Complete personal information, contact information, withdrawal details and repayment details.
  • Click Next

Step 4 : Review Withdrawal Application Summary

  • Check the details of your application and click Application TAC
  • Enter the TAC number from the SMS and click Send
  • If your details are complete, click Agree to certify yourself

Step 5 : Confirmation of Withdrawal Application

  • The application has been successfully submitted
  • The application status will be sent via SMS or security message inbox on i-Account KWSP 

Once PTPTN processes and verifies this application, the transaction will take approximately 7-14 working days to complete.


Further Inquiries
If you have any questions, please contact PTPTN Careline at 03-21933000 or EPF Customer Service at at 03-89226000 for further assistance.

We hope this information is beneficial to you. Don't wait any longer; start repaying your PTPTN loan through EPF today.