7 Steps to Repay PTPTN Loan Using BigPay

To encourage PTPTN borrowers to repay loans consistently, PTPTN is committed to promoting digital payment methods to its customers. Therefore, PTPTN has been collaborating with BigPay since 2018 to support this effort to make it easier for borrowers to repay loans online.

Certainly, many of us are loyal users of BigPay, right?
Let us share the easy steps to make PTPTN loan repayment using BigPay in the myPTPTN application.

Step 1 :

Log in using your Identity Card number in the myPTPTN app

Step 2 :

Please choose the option MY ACCOUNT and click LOAN

Step 3 :

Click LOAN

Step 4 :

Click PAY

Step 5 :

Enter the payment amount, click on Payment Options, and select the method

Step 6 :

Select Pay through Credit Card and click on CONFIRM & PAY

Step 7 :

Enter your BigPay Card information and click Submit


Congratulations on applying for PTPTN repayment through BigPay. Your commitment as a borrower to make loan repayments is very significant for future generations.

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