Click, Pay Earn Campaign

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) has launched a new alternative for PTPTN loan repayments and savings which is through online in the National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN). There are four (4) channels which are Shopee, kiplePay, BESTPay and KelantanPAY as a result of PTPTN's strategic collaboration with the channel providers involved.

Through this collaboration, this online payment channel coincides with the lifestyle of the new norm that encourages people to use technology in order to reduce the chain of Covid-19. It was completed by YBrs. Mr. Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid, PTPTN Chief Executive on Facebook PTPTNOfficial.

Encik Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid said, "When Malaysia that hit by the Covid-19, the online payment method is the best alternative to help people fulfill their responsibilities as borrowers and be able to save in SSPN consistently without having them to leave the house to go to the PTPTN counter. This online payment approach is also part of the effort towards digitalization of PTPTN as a whole for the delivery of end-to-end online services."

In conjunction with this launch, PTPTN in collaboration with Shopee, kiplePay, BESTPay and KelantanPAY also organized a special 'Click, Pay & Earn' Campaign for all PTPTN customers. The first users to use this channel have the opportunity to get the attractive returns offered because "first come, first served" This campaign period starts today 25 May 2021 until 24 June 2021.

According to Alain Yee, Head of ShopeePay Malaysia, "This collaboration is correspondent with Malaysia's plan to accelerate the digitization process including in the field of payments. Several payment methods have been activated for PTPTN such as online banking, credit and debit cards and our own mobile wallet.” "By collaboration and offering incentive in the e-wallet global network with PTPTN, we can create a wider digital ecosystem for users in this digital era to make Malaysia a digital nation" said Rickey Lew, Acting Chief Executive Officer kiplePay.

BESTPay's Chief Executive Officer, Razwan Ikmal Rosli, added "We are very pleased to be able to work with PTPTN for the 'Click, Pay & Earn' Campaign. ‘Click, Pay & Earn’ In this sophisticated and modern world, it is best when any transaction can be done through a mobile phone wherever whenever you are in”

"This strategic collaboration between Kelantan ICT Gateway and PTPTN will catalyze people's awareness and provide more user-friendly platforms to enable people and PTPTN borrowers to make repayments and savings easily and without worry," said Mohd Roslan Mohd Mohd Zain, Big Manager KelantanPAY.

In this campaign, customers can use several application Shopee, kiplePay, BESTPay and KelantanPAY like Shopee, kiplePay, BESTPay and KelantanPAY to make loan repayments or increase SSPN deposits during the promotion period will gain the opportunity to receive coins/cashback and cash as follows:

Channels Total Payment/deposit Total Grant
Shopee Minimum RM100.00 Cashback of 2,500 coins subject to 30 loan repayments and the first SSPN deposit every day during the promotion period.
kiplePay Minimum RM300.00 Cashback of RM20 subject to the earliest 500 loan repayments or SSPN deposits during the promotion period.
BESTPay Minimum RM100.00 Cash RM20 to the first 500 customers and RM10 to the next 200 customers for the earliest SSPN loan repayment or deposit during the promotion period.
KelantanPAY Minimum RM100.00 Cash RM10 to the first 100 customers and RM5 to the next 100 customers for the earliest SSPN loan repayment or deposit during the promotion period.

PTPTN, an agency under the Ministry of Higher Education, is always sensitive to the needs of PTPTN customers. Hopefully this new channel can be used by PTPTN customers easily. The increase of online payment channels and organized campaigns will facilitate and encourage customers to repay SSPN loans and savings at the same time empowering PTPTN's services to the community. Therefore, grab the opportunity to participate in the ‘Click, Pay & Earn’ .Be among the early adopters using these four channels to get the attractive returns provided.

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