PTPTN Portal Help

1.     Downloading PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files
  • Right click on the link; Klik kanan tetikus pada pautan;
  • Click “save target as..”;
  • Type in "file name" if want to rename the file;
  • If no, click save.
2.   Download Adobe Reader 9 here.

3.   E-FES user manual and how to close the Pop-Up Blocker.
      User manual can be downloaded here. Manual is in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format.

4.   Error help
 If you receive a certificate errors as below;

Please do these steps below:-
  • Click on the bar;
  • Click on the Display Blocked Content button to continue.

or if you receive security alert as below;


  click the  button to continue.
5.    PTPTN portal Help