Question 1 :
How can I check if I am blacklisted?

Answer :
Blacklist status can be enquired via PTPTN portal or kindly contact Call Centre at 03-2080 4455.

Enquiry can also be made via Official Portal of the Department of Immigration Malaysia.

Enquiry via SMS can be done by typing:
Each SMS will be charged RM0.50 and the service is available 24 hours a day.

Question 2 :
How am I being blacklisted by PTPTN?

Answer :
Recipient will be blacklisted if they fail to make any payment after several Notis Peringatan have been sent. Blacklisting starts after Notice of Demand (NOD) has been issued.

Question 3 :
What is the implication if I have been blacklisted?

Answer :
The recipient will be prohibited from going abroad, not be permitted to renew passport.

Question 4 :
If I am unable to settle the arrears how can I be removed from the blacklist?

Answer :
The recipients can remove their name from the blacklist through the following steps:

Step 1 - Submit an appeal letter
The recipient has to submit an official letter of appeal on the proposed payment plan along with the following documents:

  1. Letter of Appeal; and
  2. Latest Salary Slip (if employed); or
  3. Statement of income for self-employed recipient; or
  4. Letter of Declaration from the Commissioner of Oaths ( if unemployed); or
  5. Latest EPF statement (if available); or
  6. Offer Letter from IPT (if still studying); and/ or 
  7. Verification letter from IPT stating changes in the date of study completion

Step 2 - Notification/ Result of Appeal
Result of appeal will be send via email or telephone (if the information is updated). The recipient can also enquire through Pegawai Bertanggungjawab (Click here) or contact Call Centre at 03-2080 4455.

Step 3 – Cancellation of name from the blacklist
The recipient has to submit the following documents after payment had been made based on the result of appeal:

  1. Letter of declaration
  2. Payment slip (if the payment has yet to be recorded in the statement)
  3. Borang potongan gaji (Click here)/ copy of Standing Instruction

The recipient name will be removed from blacklist within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the 3 documents.

Kindly, contact the following offices for any enquiries:

  1. PTPTN Head Office.
  2. PTPTN State Offices.
  3. One Stop Center, KL Sentral and Putrajaya.
  4. Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Perak, Pahang dan Kedah.
  5. Call Centre at 03-20804455


Updated: 28/01/2014