Question 1 :
Who are eligible to be exempted from the education financing repayment?


Answer :

  1. For IPTA recipient are those obtaining Bachelor Degree with first Class Honour
  2. For IPTS recipient is restricted to the course attended has been accreditated by MQA.

Question 2 :
How can I apply for exemption of repayment?

Answer :
Kindly submit the following documents:

  1. Application form and Akuan Penerima Biaya for exemption of repayment as obtained Ijazah Sarjana Muda dengan Kepujian Kelas Pertama or equivalent. (Click here);
  2. Copy of the Bachelor's Degree scroll with First Class Honours or equivalent;
  3. Copy of the academic transcript;
  4. Verification letter of the First Class Honours (if it is not stated on the Degree).

* Supporting documents must be verified by authorised officer at the respective IPT only.
* If the applicant is a graduate of IPTS, a copy of Sijil Perakuan Akreditasi by MQA is required 

Question 3 :
May I apply for exemption of repayment as I obtained First Class Honours for my Diploma programme?

Answer :
No. Exemption is only valid for Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honours.

Question 4 :
Does a Second Class Upper Graduate may apply for a reduction in the repayment of financing?

Answer :
No. PTPTN only gives exemption of repayment for First Class Honours.

Question 5 :
Who is eligible to certify the copies of the transcript and degree?

Answer :
Copies of all documents such as the transcript and degree can only be certified by an Officer in the Academic Division/ Examination and Records Division/ division where the transcript and degree issued of the relevant IPT.

Question 6 :
I have obtained a Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honours from UPM and now pursuing a Master's programme at UM. May I verify the degree and transcript documents at the Academic Division of UM?

Answer :
No. The verification of the documents can only be made at the IPT where the degree and transcript has been issued.

Question 7 :
I had cancelled PTPTN financing because I received other sponsorship. Nonetheless, I graduated my Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honours. May I apply for exemption of repayment of the education financing?

Answer :
Yes, provided that PTPTN financing education does not overlap with any other sponsorship at any semester during the course of study. If there has been an overlap of sponsorship, the financing recipient has to settle/ repay theoverlapping amount first before being considered for exemption of repayment. Terms and conditions apply.

Question 8 :
Shall a student with a Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honours from an IPTS apply for exemption of repayment?

Answer :
 Yes, provided that the programme pursued had the Accreditation Certificate from MQA. Terms and conditions apply.

Question 9 :
How should I know the status of my application for exemption of repayment?

Answer :
The status of the application will be informed by mail.



Updated: 28/01/2014