Question 1:
I have received an enrollment letter to IPT but I do not pursue my study at that IPT. Can I cash the WPP offered?
It is not advisable to cash the WPP. However, if the WPP had been cashed, you are required to repay within 6 months from the expiry date of the warrant.

Question 2:
I have been offered to study at Polytechnic (Certificate Level). Am I eligible for WPP?
The WPP is given to students who pursue studies at IPTA and Polytechnics (Diploma and First Degree levels).

Question 3:
Is the WPP offered for free?
WPP is a part of the financing given in advance for student before registering at IPT. Installment of RM500.00 will be automatically deducted for the following three semesters once financing is accepted.

Question 4:
How can I cash the WPP?
You are required to visit any CIMB Bank counter with your MyKad and WPP warrant.

Question 5:
How can I obtain the WPP?
The student agrees to receive the WPP through UPU Portal.
Updated: 23/01/2014