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Latest Updates

Please be informed, PTPTN operations at Sarawak, Sabah and PPC Tawau will be closed on 18th April 2014 (Friday) in conjunction with Good Friday.


Please be informed, PTPTN operations at UTC Perak will be closed on 19th April 2014 (Saturday) in conjunction with Hari Keputeraan DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Perak.

1. LATEST : Wang Pendahuluan Pembiayaan (WPP) revised offer. Click here>

2. LATEST : Semakan Senarai Pendeposit Yang Layak Untuk Perlindungan Takaful Kemalangan Diri SSPN-i. (in Bahasa Melayu). Click Here>

3. LATEST : Loan financing special application for former students from Egypt that has registered to study in Malaysia's IPT can be made starting 8th of January 2014 online here. More>

4. LATEST : Maklumat Terkini Tawaran Pertukaran Ujrah (In Bahasa Melayu). More>

5. LATEST : Financing Repayment Refund Enquiry. More>

6. LATEST : SSPN-i. customers are advised to use the withdrawal slip (PTPTN-S-01/15 2010Pin.2) for the purpose of Withdrawal/Account Closing/Matching Grant Claim at all bank agents and PTPTN counters.

7. LATEST : PTPTN encourage public to open their SSPN-i. accounts in Maybank, Bank Rakyat, Bank Islam, Agrobank and RHB Bank. More>

8. Online checking for Borrowers who have been issued Release Letter for Ujrah Financing. More>

9. Procedure for repayment of Education Loans from Ministry of Education, Malaysia. More>

10. Enquiry on SSPN-i. account number for PTPTN education financing.  More>


No Tender Offer and current Quotation.

New Quotation Result - Click Here (in Bahasa Melayu)

more >

 - no current vacancies -


Perkhidmatan @PTPTN

e-FES (Online Checking on Financing Statement and Repayment)

Online Checking on Financing Statement and Repayment. Click Here.


e-SSPN-i (Online Checking on SSPN-i Statement, Additional Deposits & Online Tax Exemption Statement)

A facility to check the SSPN-i statement of accounts, make online (Internet) additional deposits through direct payment from depositor's account at banks participating in the FPX and to check the tax exemption statement. Click Here.


PTPTN Online Application System

PTPTN system for financing application, application result checking, Ujrah statement, offer letter and agreement documents. Click Here.


Ujrah Conversion

A facility for borrowers to convert to Ujrah Financing and checking on the status of the application. Click Here


Online Assistance

Click here for any enquiries on PTPTN services.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey. Click Here


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